Noni Backpack

Solar panels, speakers, a back view camera - these all sound intriguing on a backpack, but unless you need these day to day, you are paying extra for a feature that only adds weight. Leaving the gimmicks at the store, the Noni Backpack focuses on the everyday essentials: Comfort, Durability and Style


Casual comfort

Travel with ease. Crafted with Tyvek, the Noni Backpack is ultralight, waterproof and stain proof. Never be weighed down when you’re on the streets again.


Practicality meets style

Focusing on the basics. From organisational pockets to straps for fastening, the Noni Backpack has an assortment of compartments. These help to keep things organised and easy to find while maintaining an even weight distribution.


Travel Friendly

Fly often? The Noni Backpack loops snugly onto your carry-on luggage’s handle, sitting firmly as you roll your way through the terminal.


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