Can I really blow it in one puff?

By employing the Bernoulli Effect! When you blow a few inches away from the spout, the surrounding air is drawn into the spout as well, ensuring that the volume of air that goes into pillow is much greater than the volume of your breath. This translates into greater efficiency and ease when inflating the Aubergine Pillow.


Is it really air tight?

Once the pillow is firm enough, you close it up by folding the fabric around the opening and sealing it with a snap buckle. It will stay firmly inflated for at least two hours, perfect for your power naps.


What material is the Aubergine Pillow made of?

100% cotton with TPU. In layman terms, as soft as a baby’s butt.


How heavy is it?

150 grams.


Is the Aubergine Pillow machine washable?

You bet!


Is the Aubergine Pillow stuffed with feathers?

No. It is filled with your warm breath.


Will people think I look strange with the Aubergine Pillow?

Your comfort is of the utmost importance. If they are not convinced, buy them one and let them try it for themselves. They will soon understand!